Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Businesses that require a mode of transport every day need fleet management. At Hedland Mobile Windscreens, we can make sure all your transport vehicles are in their best condition. You need to have all your trucks in operation or it may affect your gains at the end of the day. Some products for delivery may not reach their proper destination due to lack of working vehicles.

We can repair chipped, cracked, and busted windshields of cars, vans, and trucks. With our help, you can have broken glass restored so you can continue operations. Instead of paying for vehicle maintenance one by one, our program allows you to save cost by having your fleet entrusted in our care.

Our fleet management services work on site. Simply call us and we will have our mobile team deployed to your location.You do not have to bring all your vehicles to our main office for repairs. We understand the difficulty of having broken windscreens brought to a shop for maintenance. Our mobile service takes this worry away, as you can get what you need without traveling.

We have a wide ranging supply of windscreens to replace your broken ones. Whether it is for the front, side panels and rear windows, we have automotive glass ready as a replacement. Our team of experts may bring back chipped screens to their original state.

Depending on the damage your car or truck received, our mobile team may suggest replacement. This may only be applicable for those screens that are severely damaged. Our technicians will analyze the damage and suggest the appropriate solution.

Call us today at 08 9172 5226 for or a comprehensive and detailed explanation of our fleet management program. Our representatives are always ready to accept you calls and answer your enquiries.